The flower of Mogra is very aromatic, due to which it is used in making Gajra, garland, making fragrant products, etc. It is an evergreen tree, which once planted keeps on flowering for a long time. Mogra can be propagated by seed, stem cuttings, as well as by layering on the ground. However, the easiest way is to grow it from cuttings. The best time to plant Mogra is during the rainy season.

Best season to plant Mogra plant

Mogra produces maximum flowers in summer. The best month for this is from March to July. As the rain increases, the flowers become less in it. Apart from this, keep in mind that two-three hours of sunlight every day is very important for Mogra.

How to Grow Mogra Flower Plant from Cuttings

  • You can very easily plant Mogra plant in a pot or garden through cuttings. So let us understand step by step the method of planting mogra from cuttings:
  • If you are planning to plant this plant in a pot, it is best to plant it in a pot of about 12 or 14 inches because the plant is bushy and spreads over a large area.
  • Fill the pot by mixing 80% soil and 20% vermicompost or old dung manure in the pot. And keep in mind that there should be a small hole in the bottom of the pot so that excess water does not accumulate in the pot.
  • Before planting mogra cuttings, dip the bottom of the cutting in aloe vera gel or fungicide powder and plant it in the soil of the chosen pot to a depth of two inches.
  • Now pour water into the soil of the pot with the cuttings and keep it in a semi shade ie partial shade place.
  • In a month, some new leaves start coming in the cutting of mogra in the pot, and in 2 to 3 months the plant becomes big and the number of leaves also increases.

How to take care of Mogra flower

Fertilize the mogra thrice a year. In the first week of March, then after about one and a half months in April and the last time in June. Due to this the flowers will be bigger and fresher in the plant. He says that when the plant becomes 1-2 years old, then cut the twigs growing in it. This will bring more flowers to the plant. It would be good to give water in Mogra both times. At the same time, giving water every day in winter is also very beneficial. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid excess water in the pot during rainy days.

Pruning of the plant is very important for producing more flowers in Mogra. Cut the twigs or leaves of the mogra plant that have dried up, and separate them from the plant, and when the flowers fall on their own after blooming, then the flower stalks remain there, break those stalks also and separate them.

By doing this, the plant gets a lot of space to grow, while the number of flowers in it increases. The more cuttings you take of the plant, the more flowers it will keep. Which you can use from making Gajra to worship and to enhance your beauty.

Actually, the fragrance of mogray flower attracts insect moths, while in case of excessive moisture in the plant, termites can be found in it. Therefore, 5 to 6 drops of chemical can be mixed in the water poured on the mogra plant, so that the plant does not get termites or other insects.

Apart from this, if you want, you can prepare a home  insecticide using baking soda and lemon juice at home, which can be sprayed on the mogra plant after a gap of 10 to 20 days, so that no insect remains on the plant for about 5 months. Moths don’t look.

Do not plant mogra in a plastic pot even by mistake

Many people keep a plastic pot with them which is not right. When a plant gets 5-6 hours of sunlight, heat will be generated from the plastic. Due to excessive heat, its roots will be damaged and the plant will start drying. Therefore, either plant it in an earthen pot or in a cement pot.

Pruning of mogra is very important

After blooming of mogra’s buds, when the flowers fall, then its pods remain. We have to prune the mogra with the top two leaves in that branch. Do not cut too much, just the place from where the bunch of flowers came, and now those flowers have blossomed and fallen. By doing this new branches will bloom soon and flowers will come very well.