Tabe Paxson shares a nifty trick on Facebook to fend off bothersome flies from your porch, deck, or any place you enjoy outdoor relaxation. The secret weapon? A bar of Irish Spring Soap. Simply secure it in a mesh bag and hang it in the areas you frequent outdoors. This might seem unusual, but Irish Spring Soap, renowned for its distinct smell, actually boasts many uses beyond its basic bathing purpose.
The robust aroma of this soap is highly unappealing to various pests. Even a slight whiff carried by the breeze is enough to deter flies and keep your outdoor enjoyment uninterrupted. It’s not just flies that dislike the scent; even deer are repelled by it. That’s why some gardeners strategically place nylon stockings filled with soap shavings around their gardens as a plant protection measure.
Do you own an RV, camper trailer, or a seasonal cabin? Consider placing chunks of Irish Spring Soap inside when you pack up for the winter. The potent aroma also repels rodents, making your trailer less attractive as a winter residence for these critters.
As temperatures begin to soar this week in my region, I think it’s high time to stock up on Irish Spring Soap, ensuring I’m fully equipped to deter any flies attempting to spoil my outdoor fun