Wrap your feet in aluminum foil and wait for 1 hour! What happens next will surprise you! – health and beauty

Aluminum foil is something we all have at home, it’s something we generally use for cooking or for storing some leftover food.

Whacky as it may be, it definitely is something unique and very beneficial for soothing out everyday pains. And it works for not just back or torso in general, but for other body parts as well. Most notably, you’re tired and hurt feet. Just put some foil around your feet and be amazed.

The chemicals of the aluminium foil work to regulate the body’s energy flow pathways and result in a sped up healing process. This is, in fact, a very popular method and widely used around the world. It works for muscle pains and joint pain too, albeit it may be a bit slow for the latter.

Heel pain

Heel pain is nothing uncommon for us ladies. Wearing heels all day, be it office or after work parties leave our feet hurting. It can get pretty bad at times. While there are other ways to soothe that pain, you can try wrapping aluminium foil for a few hours and see how it fares. Doing it at night after you are done with the day will bring best results. This works for Gout pain as well.

Sciatica pain

That is defined by searing and burning pain in the feet. For healing, wrap foil around feet for 8-12 hours for about 10 days.


If you feel numbness in your feet, which we most often do in winters, wrap them in foil for a few hours every day and it should help with smoothing out the pain.

Improve the pain in your joints !

Wrap some aluminum paper on the part of the body that you feel pain and try to limit your movements. Leave it like that throughout the night or throughout the whole day. Repeat the procedure for 10 days and then wait for 2 weeks before you repeat the process.

Combating Fatigue:

Extreme fatigue, often resulting from lack of sleep, can be addressed with aluminum foil. Place strips of foil in the fridge for 2-4 hours, then apply them to your cheeks and eyelids. Hold them until your muscles feel relaxed. This can help rejuvenate your energy levels and reduce stress.

Minor Burn Relief:

For minor burns, aluminum foil can provide relief. First, cool the burn with cold water for 5 minutes and pat dry. Apply a moisturizing ointment and wrap the area in foil. If the wound is open, cover it with gauze before applying the foil. Leave it on until the pain eases.

This technique, while intriguing, should not replace professional medical advice or treatment. It’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider for persistent or severe pain.