To make the toilet bowl clean and white, there is a secret remedy used by housewives. Our home is the place where we spend most of our time and every room should be livable and clean so that we feel at ease and the home is presentable when we have guests. However, often, even if we try our best, we are unable to thoroughly clean some elements of our home due to stubborn encrustations and stains.

Toilet: here’s how to clean the bowl perfectly

The bathroom is one of the most difficult places to clean, as it is the room where we express our needs and where we take care of ourselves in order to be presentable and for personal hygiene.

For this reason, the bathroom is full of germs and bacteria and you should clean it daily so that all the accumulated dirt does not lurk inside the room.

Additionally, the bathroom is sometimes also the place where we accumulate our clothes, which we can then put in the washing machine, and this can lead to an increase in humidity due to wet clothes.

This also increases due to the presence of condensation that can form after taking a hot shower or bath and therefore mould and other problems can form due to this phenomenon.

However, the toilet that tends to get dirty the most is the toilet bowl, as it is used for certain physiological needs, and sometimes materials such as food or much more are also poured into it.

The solution

It is not always advisable to flush certain foods and tissues down the toilet so as not to clog the pipes, but many of us don’t think about it and find it more useful to throw everything inside when we don’t know where to throw some. leftovers.

So, it can happen that our toilet bowl is no longer as shiny as before and with yellowish halos and many times we are advised to use water and baking soda to make it cleaner.

However, there is a method that not only cleans the toilet thoroughly but also leaves it very white and the most experienced housewives know it. It involves creating a solution that can be used on toilets.

What you need to prepare:

– citric acid
– water
– white flour
– coarse salt
– dishwashing liquid
– essential oils

To create it, just add a little citric acid to a little water with the addition of white flour, coarse salt and two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and if you want to add essential oils to scent everything.

Once this solution is obtained, apply it to the toilet and then rinse and wipe with a cloth the parts where our compound is still present to remove it.

In this way our toilet will be descaled and the action of these elements will tend to disinfect and leave our toilet clean and very white, eliminating the annoying halos that have been created over time.

Of course, you must be careful and use rubber gloves, as the citric acid could create problems in contact with the skin.