Garden ants can be incredibly annoying, especially when they start invading your plants, climbing up stems and leaves. They can be a major nuisance for gardeners, causing damage by nibbling on roots and leaves. Garden ants often form large colonies, making it challenging to eliminate them, as some may hide in the soil or under stones and debris. Moreover, when disturbed, ants release pheromones that can attract even more of them to your garden, compounding the problem.

This makes dealing with ants in the garden a tough task. The most common approach is to use organic or chemical pesticides to get rid of them. However, chemical pesticides can have harmful effects on our health, as well as that of our pets and even the plants themselves.

Therefore, we have a simple method that can help you swiftly deal with ants, and the best part is that you can prepare it using items you already have at home.

Using a Rice Bottle Trap to Eliminate Ants

To create an effective ant trap, you’ll need rice, a half-liter plastic bottle, and some clothespins or clips.

First, ensure the bottle is thoroughly dry and clean, free from any odors that might deter ants from our trap.

  1. Fill the bottle with rice.
  2. Place one or two clothespins or clips over the bottle’s neck.
  3. Now, turn the bottle upside down and let some rice spill out (but not all of it).

That’s it – now you wait.

It’s essential to use the cheapest rice you can find since it contains a high amount of starch, which is perfect for our ant-repelling trap.