Not only are face masks used to protect the wearer’s health but can also be utilized to solve various other issues in life.

The refrigerator is a daily-used appliance that operates 24/7 at certain temperature to preserve food. During use, the issue of frost formation and odors inside the fridge tends to be most annoying. To address this problem, you can consider the following method.

Prevent Frost Formation in the Refrigerator

Excess warmth in the fridge leads to frost buildup, which, when thick, affects the usable space inside.

If you want to reduce moisture and prevent frost formation, take a disposable medical mask, cut one end, and stuff tissue paper into the layers of the mask. When the mask is sufficiently puffy, stop, tie off the end, and place it in the freezer compartment.

Tissue paper effectively absorbs moisture. Placing the tissue-stuffed mask inside the fridge reduces water vapor, preventing it from condensing into frost. Note that when the mask becomes damp, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Eliminate Refrigerator Odors

Various foods stored inside can cause refrigerators to develop unpleasant odors. To prevent these odors from affecting other food items, you should find ways to eliminate fridge odors as soon as possible.

One of the simplest methods involves using a mask and dried tea leaves.

Cut one section of the mask, place a handful of dry tea leaves inside, tie it, and then put it in the fridge. You can prepare several of these to place in different sections of the fridge.

The activated carbon layer in the mask, combined with the dry tea leaves, effectively absorbs moisture and odors.

To maintain its effectiveness, replace the tea bag every month.

In addition to the above method, to eliminate odors and absorb moisture in the refrigerator, you can place a clean roll of toilet paper in each fridge compartment. The toilet paper will absorb moisture, effectively preventing odor formation. After some time, simply take out the roll and let it dry before reusing it.